Bullet Boy

"A British Boyz N The Hood...impressively naturalistic performances, low-key camerawork and an intelligent script, it’s a world away from the mockney gangster films of Guy Ritchie and his imitators...a film that should be shown in inner city schools everywhere."
Film Review

"Strikingly good...writing, acting and direction all achieve distinction."
What's On in London

"Bullet Boy is a work of understated brilliance...it pulls no punches and suffers no fools."
Tim Noakes - Dazed and Confused

"Bullet Boy throbs with restless energy. It's grainy, gritty, authentic. It's a desperate wail for help at a time when the words "British" and "gun culture" belong in the same sentence. And it's heart-on-bloodied sleeve conviction and smoking gun editing recall the American black cinema of the late 80s and early 90s…A crucial movie...Ashley Walters excels in a firebrand social drama that smoulders with menace. If only all Brit flicks were this vital."
Jamie Graham - Total Film

"A shockingly stark and gritty portrayal of what life is like for a young black man growing up in urban London and all the trials and tribulations that go with it. If you need a reality check then this is a must-see movie."
Treble T - 1Xtra BBC

"Bullet Boy is the must see British film of 2005, with an incredible cast including the fantastic Ashley Walters, and a strong storyline and twist at the end, it will leave you with a real insight into some of the harsher realities of inner city life."
Nina Santiago - Choice FM.

"This first feature from documentarist Dibb is a sobering, timely and distinctly credible look at our city's illegal gun culture, starring Ashley Walters - better known as So Solid Crew's Asher D, who himself served nine months for gun possession in 2002. Dibb ditches any easy context of drugs, crime or even serious family problems to tell of Ricky (Walters) and Wisdom (Leon Black), two teenagers in a poorer part of London's East End who find themselves embroiled in a petty but escalating row in their neighbourhood. The narrative hits barely a wrong note, and the dialogue is especially fresh and convincing."
Dave Calhoun, Time Out

I.D. magazine

"An impressive debut film...a mesmerising, star-making performance from Ashley Walters"
The Observer Review

"A punchy British drama...Credible and important"
'Critics Choice 2005' Time Out

"What gives the film such topical punch is the devastating portrait that it paints of the gun culture that has crept into our inner cities...Dibb's social drama is unsparingly frank...it's an important and impressive debut."
The Times

"Ashley Walters...utterly convincing as a young man determined to go straight after a spell in jail...It breaks your heart watching this astutely-directed picture."
Baz Bamigboye, The Daily Mail

"Bullet Boy, an authentic-feeling gun-crime saga set in Hackney Downs and directed by Saul Dibb, reveals a straightforward social tragedy fraught with empathy and suspense. Bullet Boy's improvisatory methods and use of non-actors enhance its verisimilitude."
Sight & Sound

"Part thriller, part family melodrama, Saul Dibb's Bullet Boy may be along familiar lines but it is dynamic enough to get away with its borrowings...Dibb uses his north London locations in an eerie, atmospheric fashion, dealing with gun crime and gangsterism without preaching… There is lyricism too… he makes excellent use of London's parks, canals and desolate maze of back streets...A vivid and inventive thriller with energy and attitude that also possesses a dark undertow...a newer, fresher side of UK cinema…"
Screen International

"Gripping London gun crime drama...energetic…this is one of the first British films to deal with the issue of escalating gun crime...attention must be paid. Director Saul Dibb handles the action with an admirable feeling for tension, never letting the social issues impede the dramatic power of the story. He's helped by a remarkable debut from Walters - who is an electrifying presence, conveying muscularity and vulnerability and oozing the sort of charisma last displayed by the late Tupac Shakur. The film has many memorable images…mixes swooping, panoramic shots from high-rise towers with intense, claustrophobic interior scenes...Bullet Boy was a festival highlight, and marks both Dibb and Walters as big talents to watch."
Jason Solomons, The Observer

"The film tells the truth...with some force"
Derek Malcolm, Evening Standard

"Muted to deliver punchy urban grit, and boasts the cache of featuring Ashley Walters as young offender Ricky. Rude boys battle it out in a gun-toting drama which dives below the surface of inner city crime… a filmic punch"
Elsa O'Toole